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I just want to say
blog updates might happen ;P

but otherwise I will always be updating my deviantart gallery in a timely fashion

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pixels; portrait; 3D

Here’s some of the tileable pixel textures I’ve been working on;

pixel textures
Texture work can be so immersive… I find myself going around taking photos of all the neat patterns I see in town.

Played around with a character portrait today (still WIP)

click for larger image

Some unfinished 3D …
click for larger imageFaun fairy sprite guy.
I really did like working on his face, ran out of time on it and forgot about it.

Because 3D hair can look incredibly lame, I decided to do these blocky chunks of hair instead, however I do think they should be coarser and I don’t yet know how I want them meshed into the body. I generally tire easily of doing anything like this when subdivision modelling is involved.

click for larger imageWaan.

I worked a lot on giving the hands character, and I do like them.

Chest, head and arms are totally unfinished of course.

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pixel art tiles!

1: I apparently forgot to add the j-scripts for the portfolio page, and a few people saw and never told me because they figured I’d fix it :’D

There was a few errors in the layout, which sadly went to print without my discovering… I’ve fixed that and the image popup scripts now, and it is viewable here.

But no matter, I’ve been invited to the test! Some of my classmates who applied got invited too… and some didn’t. But most of them seemed to take it well, especially since it was their first time trying.

Here are some of my classmates’ stuff:

2: I am totally obsessed with making pixel tiles right now
pixel tile fun
Some of that is my Minecraft wool now.

3: Tax return! Always nice. I’ve ordered some motion plus so I can finally take a stab at playing Skyward Sword. It’s a Zelda game, it’s looking fun: I wanna play.

4: I still feel like working on a website. The problem, for me, is I have so much art I want to include it becomes difficult to make a sensible system for it all.

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character design and minecraft obsession

Handing in portfolio, then levelling up in art seems to be a thing.

It’s kind of a lie though, I levelled up while working on it, and now I’m applying that some more.

Now working on Waan and Miku’s designs;
click for larger
Waan is very easy to draw, but I remain unhappy with Miku (right). Started yet another 3D on Waan, and I’m having a blast giving stuff like eir hands a lot of character.

I’m also slaving away in minecraft – apart from the pagodas I’m building this underwater Greek-style building
click for larger
click for larger
(the pillars are from the “more building blocks” mod)
The trick is to delete water source blocks around the building too, and of course keep a lip at the bottom, then the water wont flow in – most of the time. After I got sick of it I figured out how to copypaste sections in mcedit, but that was after this. I’m thinking of shooting a world tour video to show all these things. This is something I did a couple of weeks ago;
click for larger
click for larger

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Go here to view an online copy of my 2012 CGA application portfolio (mature contents).
I bring a correction; the portfolio was made with support from Open Workshop, but this was not stated. Thanks to Open Workshop for lending me a desk, an ear and some drawing supplies. I always wish I could’ve added more, and said more, but it’s a big enough portfolio as it is.

If you do want more, head over to my deviantArt gallery.

To continue reading my blog, scroll on down!

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2012 here we go again

Here’s the portfolio so far.
Click images to see them bigger

the next 2 are rightside up in the full view

+ a page on 3D

and maybe something else. I think it’s obvious I have no idea what to add and to not add to the freestyle category.

Paired pages are opposing. Page numbers are INCORRECT, only file name # is correct. Pages that are cruddy, scribbled all over or missing titles are probably not done. I have to finish most of them, but I can afford to throw some of them out and still keep the required categories covered by having images be in 2 categories (background+perspective is a fine example). 1 week to go.

and a final word from HC

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July sketchdump (nws)

Here’s my unposted sketches so far for July! In roughly chronological order. (Most of them can be viewed larger by clicking)

To figure out what sort of body type to give the man (now named Pasha) I tried to figure out what I had already covered. I think a lot more about those things now.
Zinnober, SEB, Ink, AgentZinnober has that long, bony/sinewy “ectomorph” thing going on.
SEB is just, young, didn’t define her specifically because I guess I don’t yet know what is realistic for her.
Ink Royal/Mr Squid (NAME PENDING), doesn’t look right here. But I figure his body would still have a lot of female shapes.
Agent is just a guy. Never defined him much either… I did think he was pretty huge earlier in life (while in the navy), but I don’t know how he is specifically now. He’s a big guy though.
Man, Mage, Drow, CBPasha, really average here. I figure he’s maybe 20-25 and still has a bit of growing to do.. does this even make sense? Anyway, at the start he’d probably be a bit skinnier, but growing stronger (and older) as we progress. He gets to work in the field or tend to the animals or something, so he does get exercise.
Ran, figure he’d have a sort of thicker torso but with tapering limbs, if that works. Overall he’s still pretty averagey, strong but without cut abs and that. He does something like yoga though.
Drow/C4, guess he’d be sort of an elf stereotype body, with a light build. And he goes assassinating in women’s underwear… maybe in a matriarchal society things are different, huh??!
That tentacle monster hunting space dude… I don’t even know what he should look like. He’s an ex soldier, so enjoy some bulky stereotyping.
oh also I coloured him quickly
sunburnedman(not only am I remembering body hair, but tanlines!!)
I don’t even have that many male characters, so the options to do “something new” are pretty open. Yey.

From the same session
woman, costume, somethingPretty sure that’s an outfit idea for Pasha in the middle, but then some research showed me them ancient Greek/Turks didn’t wear poofypants, I am disappoint, OK, I could give him them anyway, but part of me really hates being dishonest to stuff like that.

Did some proportion experiments
chibis and such
Someone said one of them had amazing character (more than anything else I had done!!!) and I was miffed ’cause it’s just random, but I drew on it anyway.

I am always eager to learn more about cartooning
cartoons and ES poniesalso those are Mazken and Aureal ponies.
insomniaUp late at night doodles about not sleeping – so meta.
male stuffFrot scene ideas for mage&man. Also heroic proportions, I forgot how to get them right, so I tried.

mage abuseSome thoughts on the mages’ types/classes, after they ascend. Ran’s master abusing him a little, I think it’s partly to make him accept what his real body is now. The sitting scene is him watching over Pasha while he recovers from ascension (if that happens, I am undecided). Pasha would still be male (warrior class) after. Then there’s Pasha and Ran fucking (I mean, that’s what I drew them for, what’s all this silly story stuff and magic for???). I can’t help noticing my gesture/sketch people are way noodlier (skinny and without definition) than their designs say.

The next 3 are drawn on a lazy saturday while visiting my bf’s parents and celebrating his birthday. I can’t believe I drew so much in half a day!
punk princess and octopus girlRequest: Gun Toting Punk Princess
and also a fishy octopus girl.

ponies, pasha, gerudo...Orc and Bosmer ponies. Pasha. A gerudo, why can’t I draw my own characters like this? Hnf. A lady, dunno who she is! Krihan.

nudessome nudes. Second is intended to be Ambrosius but the rest are random.

And the following (lazy) Sunday…
Pasha and RanPasha and Ran in loooove.

train stationOn my way home from Copenhagen that day, the trains were messed up ’cause of the flood the week before, so we ended up waiting 45 minutes for the speedy train instead, eating ice cream on the platform, and I doodled some of the people standing around, what fascinated me first was a dude with a sizeable beer gut :3 Those are the only referenced drawings here, though. And then it descended into imagination again, sailors and greekfaces. I really do like greekfaces, that total lack of distinction between nose bridge and forehead especially, but also the pudgy overdefinition of everything.

Kyisha Lynn, BlaineWas drawing a back… then drew references for the Kyisha model (see last post), and Blaine… rekindling my love for drawing boring sideviews! Tried to get more cartoon in there.

More sideviews, probably wednesday
1; the mage himself, his usual 40-50 year old appearance. I am calling him Ran, by the way. I think that’ll do.
2; Sofia. Concepts like up, down, or walking, does not make sense in her dimension, so I don’t even know if she’d have feet, but she’s humanshaped ’cause she’s formed from part of Ran’s mind/soul/something.
3; demon futas.. ok, kind of don’t want to keep this as part of the concept. Unless it’s some super-evolve battle form desu, but idunno, Ran is physically stronger in his human form. But it probably reduces his “magic power” to be like that.
4; younger. I don’t really know when exactly Ran ascended to being more than human, 30? 40? He has let himself age since, because he feels older. The amount of studies and meditation he has gone through takes years, at least.
5; alternate ascended form, looks more like a eunuch or such, with no real secondary sex characteristics. Ascended mages can have sexless, male, female or hermaphroditic forms, Ran’s body is a reflection of his own effeminacy even if he does not accept it. It’s a complex matter, one of being 100% true to yourself. The mages seem to believe the soul in androgynous and the body is a superficial matter, yet without denying the differences.

Friday is when I scanned everything, and worked more on that aureal
chubby aurealfat aureal 2Honestly I don’t even want her to really be an obese midget, more like.. cartoonily drawn that way. But I need to research cartooniness.

more mage stuffI couldn’t sleep thursday night, and wrote/doodled this down.

Vila is the headmaster or at least hold a high seat at whatever “temple” the mages are from, her lover was one of Ran’s teachers and responsible for his ritual.

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Shadoweyes fanart: Kyisha Lynn

New 3D project, Mooncalfe’s Kyisha Lynn from the Shadoweyes comic!

Kyisha Lynn 3D wip
Still gotta figure a lot about how to manage her clothing modules (if I do that at all and don’t just cheat), but anyway. A really fun character to model!

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I am on a quest to make better concept art.

I am on a quest to make better concept art.

Tried some differently proportioned silhouettes, and went crazy for outfits. Well, not THAT crazy, poofy pants everywhere!

Strange futa magics
mage ZAP futa demonI have this thing for futa demons I think.

Guy design, from the same sketch it went vastly different whether I inked and coloured, or just painted, the paint evolved and the ink stayed fixed.
man face painting

Guy design II. So I don’t even know if this is what I want for his body. Figured he’d be on the short side, and become longer bodied if he ascended.
man orthographic designSTUDY STUDY STUDY – face planes!
face study

Mage’s face, age ca. 20 and ca. 40
mage face
It’s fun to think about what goes through his head now and then, and how he lives. The older version has clearly smiled more :)
mage face progress

I originally planned to abuse this blog for sketchblog, but ironically I’ve lately posted mostly “presentable images” only. June was a great art month, and July has opened nicely.

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Last week I ran into this nice sketch from January, and decided to give it a quick ink job – I’m quite proud of my inking skills and it took me less than 30 minutes to do. His arm ink was not so fast ;D
To anyone struggling with slow inking times, give up on Photoshop and get opencanvas now (I hear good things about SAI and whatnot too). Photoshop’s brushes are simply not consistently smooth and crisp the way these are. I’d wager and say OC’s brush pressure dynamics are better to customize too, but you can of course get tablet tools for that anyway.

So I got pretty far on this a week ago, only needing a few highlights … and then I completely forgot about it again, until I saw it in my July folder an hour ago.
Jeesh, I need a better WIP system so I don’t let art die!

Guess it’s time to do a tally of Ambrosius art now :)

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